Necessary evils of dating dating honduran man

Pallra says a friend gave her the money but refuses to identify him.

While Quark continues to fight for his life, Kira tells Odo that she located Ches'so, whose real name is Ches'sarro, but that he drowned mysteriously the previous evening.

The owner of the shop, Vaatrick, was murdered, and Dukat essentially forced Odo to investigate the killing.

Odo questioned the dead man's widow, Pallra, about her husband's death, but while he was suspicious of her, she said her husband's alleged mistress probably killed him in a jealous rage. Odo then comes out of the flashback and realizes that the attack on Quark could be related to this still-unsolved murder.

Odo tries to help Rom remember the names on the list.

Rom can only remember one, which he thinks is Ches'so, and Odo then asks Kira if she knows the name.

Trazko takes the list from Quark and shoots him with a phaser, apparently killing him and leaving a panic-stricken Rom shouting for help.

However, there are those who look at dating as an opportunity to get to know other people and see if they have that chemistry that is often needed in order to pursue something more.

If the other person seems to be shy, one should not hesitate to ask questions to prompt them to share more interesting details about themselves.3.

It has been said that "Variety is the spice of life" and this is true even in the realm of dating.

Sure that Pallra is somehow involved, Odo orders a full examination of the man's death as well as an investigation into Pallra's bank records.

Odo then has another flashback to when he first met Quark, remembering that Quark told Odo that Kira paid him to say she was at the bar the night Vaatrick was murdered.

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