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Also, visit the Microsoft MSDN Online Web site to learn innovative ways of using HTML forms with other Internet technologies.

If it shows the * user logged out, thats good, if it returns an error then our keys are * most likely bad. 1) install Drupal 2) add the gigya module (the 3.x dev branch) into sites/all/modules 3) visit your site's module page (at /admin/build/modules) 4) enable the gigya socialize module 5) visit the gigya settings page (at /admin/settings/gigya) BAM. Okay, I spent a bunch of time trying to figure out why nothing was being logged correctly in watchdog and I found a few places where the $string and $args being passed in weren't matching up quite right.Once again, examine the HTML code from the previous example.Notice that the If form validation requires database access, however, you should consider using server-side form validation.A particularly advantageous way of carrying out server-side validation is to create a form that posts information to itself.That is, the file actually contains the HTML form that retrieves user input.

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